SwaddleTots, Your One Stop Baby Solution

Hip Healthy Swaddling

“The International Hip Dysplasia Institute acknowledges the SwaddleTots swaddle as a ‘hip-healthy’ product when used as directed.” Your little ones will be in safe ‘hands’.

A Size For Life

SwaddleTots Swaddle is designed ergonomically to a size that is able to house the smallest baby and even a baby up to the age of 5-6 months. SwaddleTots will be a companion throughout his journey of swaddling.

SwaddleTots Mission

We aim to make your baby feel as comfortable as possible. We also want to make your baby as cute as possible. We care for your little ones. We are more than a swaddle, we are a friend.

Potty Training

Do you have difficulty teaching your children to be potty trained? Being denied of a place in daycare because she is not potty trained? Fret not, we provide you the ultimate potty training that you can get. You can train your children in 3 days!

Make Your Baby Sleep Better

We aim to make your baby sleep as comfortable as possible. Therefore, by using our swaddle simultaneously with the baby sleep soundtrack. Your baby will be the luckiest baby to be in such a comfortable environment.

SwaddleTots Live Demo